January 2016 Mahogany Glider added to 2020 Priority Species list

Threatened Species Commissioner Gregory Andrews…
How do you get things done? Start by prioritising. At the launch of last year’s Threatened Species Strategy, Environment Minister Greg Hunt MP committed to securing the future of 20 threatened mammal and 20 threatened bird species by 2020, and named over half of those on the priority list. Today, he has announced the rest.

The latest additions to the list are: mahogany glider, eastern quoll, wes…tern ringtail possum, woylie, black-footed rock-wallaby, Gilbert’s potoroo, northern hopping-mouse, Christmas Island flying-fox, cassowary, swift parrot, eastern curlew, Australasian bittern, malleefowl, south-eastern red-tailed black cockatoo, white-throated grasswren and golden-shouldered parrot. The Christmas Island frigatebird also gets special attention, with work starting on a new action plan for the species. All of these birds and mammals will benefit from targeted interventions to bring them back from the brink. So too will the many, many other species that share their habitat and face common threats.

It’s been a big job, working out how we could make the most of the resources available for #threatenedspecies. I’d like to extend my thanks to everyone who shared their expertise in finalising the list. Special mention goes to my informal advisers, Threatened Species Scientific Committee members, Threatened Species Recovery Hub researchers, the fantastic staff in my office and the department’s wildlife division, as well as the many community groups that have advocated so passionately for their local species. Thanks too to Zoos Victoria‘s #WerribeeZoo – a great wildlife champion – for hosting today’s announcements.

Find out more about the priority species here:

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