Sept 24 2015 Connecting The Dots Mahogany Glider Project

P1000165 Sam Bruce Gregory Jacqui P1000230 2nd grass tree planted Chris Girringun P1000227 First Grass tree planted Glenbora P1000160 trees in the ground Stone River MG Corridor P1000142 Stone River Green Army TeamP1000172 Suzie Daryl Gregory Paddock Tree Demo Site CardwellThankyou Gregory Andrews – Threatened Species Commissioner We have had a wonderful day in mahogany Glider Country with Gregory and Erin visiting our Mahogany Glider project Sites – thanks to all our partners and stakeholders for taking part in what has been a terrific and informative day – Wildlife Qld Cassowary Coast – Hinchinbrook, Terrain,, the Green Army, Girringun & Mungalla Rangers, QPWS, CCRC, WTMA, Sam at Stone River and Paul Buste and Staff at the Cardwell Golf Links

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