Sept 2015 Threatened Species Commission visits mahogany glider country

Mahogany Glider Country 1We are extremely happy to have had the opportunity to spend time with the federal government’s Threatened Species Commissioner during his visit to the wet tropics.

We have had a lot of fun but all the fun has surrounded our very serious work for an endangered species that really does sit at the brink. We have an opportunity right now to make a difference for the mahogany glider – if we don’t act now and get some serious work done the problems facing the glider may well be too hard to deal with…but right now we know it is possible and we are making a difference. It is hugely valuable to be given the time to explain, on the ground in mahogany glider country, the issues facing this species…and we are so grateful that the federal government has taken this initiative. It is so good to be able explain the situation facing the endangered mahogany glider and how we are all working to achieve a positive outcome. We have a wonderful team and it has been tremendous to do this with our TO partners at Girringun and Mungalla, Terrain NRM, CCRC, QPWS, EHP, WTMA, HQPlantations, Powerlink, our cane farmers and grazier partners…

Now after a recovery day today it will be …back to out to the on ground projects next week, “Jacquie and the team will be back to “connecting the dots” at the Stone River corridor with Ellie and the Green Army Team – our branch of Wildlife Queensland will be starting to prepare for planting at the Glenbora- Bairds Creek mahogany glider corridor,¬†while Dr Steve Jackson is completing sub-population and priority corridor maps and Rich at EHP works to get our new draft recovery plan ready for approval….

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