WPSQ Award October 2014

Ann, Lawrie 2012HQ Plantations WPSQ Links to Lookout Tree Planting #1 2013 D Dickson #4Great to receive news that the Cassowary Coast – Hinchinbrook Branch has been given an award for the ongoing work of “Landscape Linkage”  this relates to the great work in 2013-14 being done by the branch to re-establish landscape linkages for wildlife. Key to this  work has been the ongoing liaison by Lawrie Martin & Anne Wilkinson with HQ Plantations’ John Bennett, Operations manager, north.

HQ Plantations leadership in land management and environmental stewardship will assist in providing connectivity for wildlife across their pine plantation estate. This will be of great assistance to the endangered mahogany glider and many other species in this region.

Great work Anne, Lawrie, John and the branch members who help organise, plan, write and administer grants and work together to ensure that we can continue to work for wildlife in this region.



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