October 4th 2014 Envirokids Mission Beach – Mahogany Glider Day

A P1140268 MG Talk WPSQ Enviro Kids 2A P1140268 MG Talk WPSQ Enviro KidsEnviro Kids WPSQ MG MaskEnviro-Kids Mission Beach – Mahogany Glider day Oct 4th Thanks to Sally Moroney and the Enviro-Kids group of Mission Beach for the invitation to come and tell them about the Mahogany Glider. Sally organises the group on Saturday mornings at C4 in Mission Beach. They are a great bunch of interested youngsters and parents who come ready to immerse themselves in activities to do with the natural environment and wildlife. When I arrived they were already well informed about all things “glider” having spent the early part of the morning in activities in which they were gliders, trees, predators and barbed wire fences. They had worked out that it can be really hard to move around without trees and you really needed to be very careful with predators lurking in every direction. After watching a special slide and video show we had prepared for them they asked questions and then headed out to make Mahogany Glider masks ( from the WPSQ Mahogany Glider Education Kit) and flying frisby gliders. We have given Sally and her group a copy of the education kit as a resource for further activities. Great to see kids enjoying learning about their special area and all that make it special.


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