Cardwell Golf Course – sharing the fairway

Hundreds of beautiful old den and food trees on the Cardwell Golf Course were lost as a result of TC Yasi.
During the felling of a tree after the cyclone a mahogany glider was found – he had lost his home and management and work teams became acutely aware of just how important the golf course vegetation was to the resident gliders.
A project emerged – revegatation – greater care taken in deciding the fate of the remaining trees – signage and a new sense of custodianship….
I have had the opportunity to create the artwork and design four signs to be placed on the fairways to tell people about their very special and precious golf course residents. Text was written by Mark Parsons in conjunction with Rowena Grace and Tania Simmons from Terrain NRM who have managed and funded the project. Next Wednesday the signs will be unveiled and we all look forward to a new era of custodianship at Cardwell Golf Course as they proudly embrace their unique position as the only golf course in the world that shares it’s fairways with mahogany gliders.

Daryl Dickson – Mungarru Lodge Sanctuary

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